Harrison Green

I'm an undergrad interested in computer science and electrical engineering. I artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and open-source hacking. Online you'll find me as hgarrereyn.

Stuff I'm doing now


a Homemade CPU project


various CTF writeups

Stuff I've done


Quantum Mole (iOS)

Objective-C Cocos2D

A trivia/reflex game built for Mole Day 2014 (Mole-O'Ween) featuring Avogadro facts, flashy graphics and a questionable scoring system.

License Log (iOS)


An app that tracks driving hours for student drivers. It includes functionality to track GPS, weather, type of road (interstate vs. residential) and daylight conditions. You can view past trips on a map as well as an aggregate overview of all your trips.

Soccer Punt (iOS)

Objective-C Cocos2D

A simple, tappy, arcade-style game with pixel art and unlockables. The goal of the game is smash soccer balls against the sides of the screen to rack up points and purchase more soccer balls.


Hamlet Markov Chain


A site that generates fake Hamlet scenes using a markov chain.

Into the Wild


Interactive logbook for Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.


Genetic Evolution of Neural Networks


A program that simulates 2d box creatures controlled by neural network brains. The creatures are trained via genetic algorithms and develop locomotion capabilities.



A project to generate images using even intervals of every RGB color. Inspired by this post. Unfortunately, I no longer have the code used to generate the images.


Audio Scroll

Chrome Extension

A Chrome Extension that detects motion by listening for reflected audio waves in front of a laptop speaker. It allows you to scroll through a website via hand-waving magic!

Last updated: June 6th, 2017

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